Since its inception in 2006, the Foundational Questions Institute, FQxI has awarded over US$29 million to projects probing the nature of reality, how the universe came to be and the origins of agency, intelligence and consciousness. 

The Institute boasts over 300 members worldwide, including four Nobel laureates in physics.

After 16 years of pioneering progress, this global funding agency and think-tank is relaunching with a new brand identity, website and a $40,000 prize fund to be awarded for the best proposals for how to improve science.

FQxI is funding revolution, not evolution: The Institute is the leading body funding high-risk, high-reward research in the foundations of science. The relaunch will expand FQxI’s horizons, empowering scientists in revolutionary science around the world, and creating new opportunities for funding partners and sponsors.


Lisa Tse Ltd developed a new brand identity scheme for the Foundational Questions Institute featuring a new typographic identity, colour scheme and an illustrative visual identity encompassing scientific elements.

The new brand identity scheme was translated across all communication channels including an expansive new website, members community space, online academy and social channels.


“Since 2006, the Foundational Questions Institute has tackled the biggest and deepest questions about science and reality.

This brand redesign that Lisa Tse and her team have excellently executed illustrates our desire to keep pushing our mission forward and create whole new vistas for investigation.

With this relaunch, FQxI is inviting more people to partner with us in our quest to revitalize science.”

FQxI Scientific Director